a game for everyone


A brand new take on the platform jumper game type — the most iconic gaming style in history. Gravity brings simplicity and difficulty to a new level. Jump your way through progressively difficult levels to attempt to reach heights, never before achieved by the community. Collect boosts and power ups to modify the gravity, time, and speed of the game. Earn achievements and electrons to be used exclusively within the ionomy.

In development

Urban Words

A word game made for adults. Think “Cards Against Humanity” but more obscure and even more edgey. Players work their way through levels attempting to find some of the most popular words in the urban dictionary. Users can see the definition of the word but have to find it in the jumbled word search. Hints are unlocked by completing new levels or can be purchased with ION or mobile phone accounts.

In development


A simple touch game about speed and accuracy. This straightforward but addictive game challenges the use to connect floating ions on the screen with their proper matching colors. Every level is timed and as the game progresses, the ION’s that need to be connected increase while the time allotted shrinks with every passing level. With two game types (“ranked” and “arcade”) users can choose to compete for the chance to earn and win electrons or they can just practice in arcade mode.

In development