Digital currency needs a digital economy.

Whitepaper Overview

For any asset to have long lasting value, it needs to not only be intrinsically strong, but 1) useful, and 2) widely appealing. ION is such an asset. Backed by an innovative platform with a fully integrated digital economy, it is as easy for new users to enter the ecosystem as it is intriguing for cryptocurrency experts, veteran investors, and talented developers. The power of a secure, distributed network combined with an innovative platform and digital economy ensure a sustainable and exciting place for ION holders to store, use, and leverage their assets.

Total Supply55,000,000 ION
Initial Coin Supply10,900,000
- 3.4 million ION: participation incentives given away by
- 2.5 million ION: bounties for coin development
- 5.0 million ION: for offer through Initial Coin Offering
Year 123 ION/block - 12 Million/year
Year 217 ION/block - 9 Million/year
Year 311.5 ION/block - 6 Million/year
Year 45.75 ION/block - 3 Million/year
Year 5-101.85 ION/block - 1 Million/year
Year 11-1000.2 ION/block - 100k/year 9 Million total
Average Block Time1 Minute
Block Height8 megabyte
Transaction Fee.001 ION - TX Fees go to the Masternodes
Anon Transaction Fee (Masternode mixing).01 - Paid to Masternode
Masternode Coins Required20,000
Masternode Rate50% Block Reward