PWRGRD is a suite of services that enable game creators to take advantage of blockchain technology.

Integrate ionomy Lightning to add cash-like tournaments and the ION advantage to your freemium games. Multi-platform coherence, discounted purchases, and enhanced revenue sharing ensure gamers come back again and again to compete to win ION.

Thunder monetizes premium game developers with In Game Currency (IGC) and Real Money Trade (RMT). Get the message out loud and clear that your game is worth playing. Gamers can’t resist the lure of play for fun and money.

ionomy Jumpstart connects game developers with investors, gamers, and testers. Everything you need to build, launch, and refine your game. Jumpstart your game with a thriving community, invested in your success.

Transform your digital assets with a click or a tap. Whether you need an exchange, a web wallet or a hosted masternode, has a solution for you to manage your ION, Dash, Pivx, LTC, BTC, ETH, NEO, ionomy tokens, and more.

Game developers use Spark to monetize their freemium Games. Enjoy prompt payouts, low fees, and easy set up. Featuring native integration for ionomy partners, developers get paid fast and advertisers reach their targets — without all the fuss.

Synchronizing gameplay. Precise multiplayer matching for lowest latency. Scalable blockchain-based server power makes multiplayer magic. Nothing breaks the spell of Live Action.

A revolution in wealth management

Dark Matter (XDM) is hyper-deflationary by protocol. Every portfolio needs some Dark Matter to hedge against the wealth robbing effect of rampant inflation.

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