Platform 3.0

Web Wallets

Take the hassle out of local wallet management. offers secure, full-featured web wallets allowing users to send and receive ION, BTC, LTC, DASH, PIVX, XDM, and ATOMs. With a clean, easy to use interface, the ionomy web wallet is a great option for all users – beginners and experts alike.

Multi-asset exchange

Trade cryptocurrencies including ION, BTC, LTC, DASH, and PIVX, and tokens including Dark Matter (XDM), ATOMs, and gaming tokens. For advanced traders, account APIs provide direct access to markets and data. Don’t see your favorite asset yet? Vote to add trading support.

Masternode hosting

Earn masternode rewards worry free and leave the technical details to us. ionomy now offers two options for full masternode hosting. Choose Onsite hosting for the ultimate in convenience: ionomy escrows customer coins and fully manages the servers so you don’t have to even think about it. Advanced users can select Remote masternode hosting to retain full control of private keys and masternode operation, while outsourcing server management to ionomy. Either way, ION, DASH, and PIVX masternode rewards get paid directly to you.


Buy a fraction of a masternode and enjoy daily ION, DASH, or PIVX payouts direct to your account. ionomy takes care of the details. Buy and sell Sharenodes (SX) any time on the “Shared Asset” market. Earning masternode rewards has never been easier or more flexible.

Game management

The hub of the ionomy gaming ecosystem. Manage your games, check your scores, load lives, and much more. Weekly game tournaments pay rewards directly to your ionomy account. ION and gaming asset holdings can be used for in-game advantages and inventory. A one-stop shop for all your ionomy gaming needs.


Connect with cryptocurrency enthusiasts, gamers, and all your friends through integrated social media. You’re in complete control of what you share and what you keep private. Share your gaming stats and achievements or display your crypto asset collection. Social integration also allows you to earn rewards through the affiliate program. When your friends join ionomy and start to use the services, you’ll earn a share of the profits.