The Roadmap
Everybody needs a plan.

Ionomy Roadmap

Fostering sustainable growth requires a steady, measured approach. By leveraging gaming, social, earning, and open development, is the base from which the larger decentralized ION network features will be built.

Incentivizing platform interaction by rewarding these core activities leads to growth of the user base, ION adoption, and in turn, the whole of the ionomy. As the ecosystem matures, natural growth leads to a fully decentralized, self sustaining ionosphere.

Start - Coin ICO And Dev Stage
The initial phase of the ionomy, ICO opens and platform development continues.

April 4, 2016 the ION ICO opens. Coin is offered at $0.20/ION and scales upward at increments of $.01 every week. During this stage, final code testing on ION and the platform commence. Community outreach, marketing, and support resources are deployed, and game development continues. The ionomy team ensures regular development and system updates continue during the ICO phase.
1. Coin Launch and the Ionomy Begins
ION launch coincides with open registration, followed by the first game release on the platform.

May 14, 2016. The ionomy comes to life via blockchain technology, coupled with platform features. ION ICO coins are distributed, the platform opens for advanced staking, the exchange goes live, and electrons begin flowing.
2. Game Releases Fueling User Growth
Growth phase begins. New users join the platform, game offerings expand, and the first phase of platform expansion begins.

With a target of one game per month following Gravity's release, the game developers continue development of new games and features. Ranging from action to puzzle and word games, the releases will seek to bring fresh and innovative gameplay while expanding platform rewards, incentives, and features. Social and affiliate rewards begin to accumulate during this time, creating positive user and micro economic growth within the ionosphere.
3. Coin Tech and Added Services
Core code updates to ION, crowdfunding and developer tools begin to roll out.

As the ionomy grows, the standing developer bounties will become a more lucrative target for independent developers. New wallet features that are created as a result of the bounty system will be vetted by an independent panel of community developers, along with the team. After verification and testing, new code and features will be merged and deployed to the wallet. Game development crowdfunding and resources will begin to roll out within the system, paving the way for community and independent game developers to bring their talents to the ionomy.
4. Development - Crowdfunding and API Release
Developer API access deployed, community and at-large developers begin contributing to the ionomy.

The push toward a more decentralized system builds momentum here. will make available developer toolkits to enable coders, developers, publishers and content creators of all kinds a quick, easy, and fun avenue to join the ionomy. Open and closed APIs will be deployed during this phase to allow apps, other sites, and services to interact with the existing infrastructure. Use of the API secures payment options, setting up alternative service providers. The possibilities are limited only by the community's imagination.
5. Ongoing Expansion of Ion Through Games
Full platform technology has been deployed, decentralization begins to take hold.

A fully deployed, decentralized system is now in place. The ion blockchain and coin code is maturing. Masternodes, fully featured mobile, and local desktop wallets continue to secure the network by providing valuable staking incentives. Mobile and Desktop games are being funded, developed, and deployed within the ion platform; rewarding users and their friends with higher value stakers, ion, electrons and more. A wide array of community built services begin their expansion and create new and innovative ways to use ion and other resources.