1 ION = $0.18
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    Ion Wallet v2.1.2

    ION wallet v2.1.2 is released! The rebased ION 2.0 code increases wallet stability, improves performance, and enhances network security. In addition to these immediate benefits, the new codebase readies the path for further blockchain innovations. For users of the ION 1.0 wallet, this is a required update. Guides for upgrading from ION Classic can be found at the ionomy support page. For more information about releases and the latest news from ionomy, visit the ionomy news page.

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ionomy games are fun and rewarding. Gamers compete for valuable prizes, connect with other users on the platform for head-to-head challenges, and earn points toward merchandise in the ION points store.


Social features on the ionomy platform allow sharing of profiles within the community to show off achievements, rankings, and rewards such as unique staker skins.


ionomy.com’s financial platform provides investment opportunities through staking and trading. Gamers win financial incentives like accelerated growth rates for ION stakers. These bonuses stimulate crossover between gaming and investing.

For Users

Never before has earning real rewards been so fun. Now users can earn in their free time just by playing games. ionomy games aren’t just fun, but reward players at all skill levels. And it goes beyond earning. From fun, unique collectables, a thriving community, to special opportunities to grow one’s ION holdings, ionomy has something for everybody.

For Investors

Growth. Innovation. Fun. Invest in ION stakers to get daily payouts at competitive rates. Get boosted payout rates with electrons and staker skins. Launch one-click hosted masternodes for the highest returns in the ecosystem. Investors even have reason to test drive the engine of the ionomy – the games – and all can appreciate how the rewards earned from playing boosts financial returns.

What happens when an in-game purchase occurs?

Direct Buy Pressure

33% of Profit

ionomy reinvests 100% of the proceeds from in-app purchases back into the ionomy in thirds. 33% goes to the developer. 33% is used to stock merchandise at the ION points store where gamers can redeem rewards for playing. ionomy spends the final 33% to buy ION directly from the market. These purchases add persistant buy pressure and remove supply from the market. Even the ION bought from the market goes back into the ionomy when given away to tournament winners. Every aspect of the ionomy reinforces the value of ION by design.

Team ION

Chief Strategist
Adam Matlack
General Manager
Richard Nelson
Lead Support
Colin Adley
Lead Game Dev
Thomas Le
Jordan Smith
Mitchell Cash