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ionomy Studios makes fun games that reward competitive gameplay with ION digital currency. Games are more fun with ION. Discover why ION is more than money.


Manage gaming and digital currency assets on ionomy.com. Gamers get 50% discounts on ionomy Studios game items. Investors trade, hold, and transact digital wealth.


Tokens on the ION blockchain power ionomy Studios games and boost ION investments. Game developers create custom tokens for in-game currency RMT.


Tap the power of the ION ecosystem to crowdfund, monetize, and promote games. PWR-GRD is the toolbox that makes ionomy the Business of Fun.

For Gamers

Every ionomy Studios game demonstrates the power of monetary incentives to make games more fun, more re-playable. Weekly tournaments and special prizes paid in ION digital currency keep gamers coming back for more. When gamers spend ION to buy in-game items, they get a 50% discount. And when they stake their ION in their ionomy.com account they can earn an impressive APR. Cashing out to Bitcoin is easy on the multicurrency exchange. ION is more than money. Discover the fun!

For Developers

The ionomy PWR-GRD makes it easy for any developer to add monetary incentives to their premium or freemium games. The PWR-GRD is a full-service suite to help developers build great games from creation to community. What can the PWR-GRD help with? Crowdfunding, cash rewards, in-game currency, real money trading, integrated advertising, and gameplay analytics. Add the ION advantage to achieve built-in customer acquisition and retention.

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